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A look into the past - Griffon breeders of yesteryear
by Carol Ritchie

A couple of years back I bought a scrapbook of old Griffon adverts, apparently cut out of the Dog Word/Our Dogs annuals as they are all on glossy paper. They date from 1922 to 1950´s and make fascinating reading. The ads take the form of a write-up by another person, some of them are not attributed but the most frequent names are Ella Withers, Phyllis Robson, Leo Wilson and a few done by Mabel Parker-Rhodes.
It is quite amusing to note that the kennels advertised are full of the most wonderful dogs that, if not already champions, are certain to attain their title. Seriously, of course, many famous kennels are among them and these did have a number of top dogs and champions in the days when it was not easy to make them up. Shown here are some of the first ads from the book, all dated 1922, more to follow in future issues.


Mrs. L. Armstrong´s Griffons
At 9 Cumberland House, Kennington Court, W.8.

At one time this lady owned a wonderful team of Scottish Deerhounds, in fact second to none in the kingdom. Now her Griffons are equally as well known in this breed, attained solely by the fact that nothing but the best are countenanced. Pierrot of St. Margaret, the wonderful little dog, though only 18 months old, is the winner of several 1st and other prizes, including reserve championship at Edinburgh Show. He has a wonderful head, magnificent eyes, and his coat promises to be of the very best, and a good deep red. He is already a proven sire, and is a thoroughly sound and game little dog. Undoubtedly he is the coming champion.
Stray Whiskers, so called as he is an imported dog, and having been left and never claimed in quarantine, he fairly strayed into Mrs Armstrong's kennel. An extraordinary coated and coloured dog, his head is magnificent, while he is a great bodied little dog. Afraid of nothing, he ought to prove a boon as an outcross to the many nervous bitches to he seen about. Owning to his cropped ears he, of course, cannot be shown for competition. Both dogs are advertised at stud in the columns of this paper.

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