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On Saturday 17th April 1982 an inaugural meeting was held by a group of Griffon breeders to form an Association where the full members are all breeders who have qualified for membership by registering their litters with the Kennel Club. Associate membership, without voting rights, would be open to anyone interested in the breed with a view to guiding and encouraging them if they want to go on to be full members.
Invitation to attend the meeting was from Ann Fenn, Pat Crick, Deborah Gaines and Michael Payne, others who were very much involved at the beginning were Marjorie Clark and Peggy (Mrs M E) Searl, who was a fount of knowledge on KC regulations. Thus the Association was formed by a dedicated group of breeders especially to offer help and advice to Griffon lovers with less than their own experience.
Founder members were:
Mrs P Bird, Mrs C Churchill, Mrs M Clarke, Mrs P Crick, Mrs P Cumin, Mrs H Enders, Mrs L Evans, Mrs A Fenn, Mrs D Gaines, Miss T Gaines, Mr H Greenhalgh, Mr R Henney, Mrs C Howard, Mr J Howard, Mrs D Kirk, Miss R Lancaster, Mrs E Lunn, Miss M Marshall, Mrs N Marshall, Mr E Page, Mr H M Payne, Mrs P Payne, Mrs E Pearce, Mr Pinder, Mrs Pinder, Mrs E Poolman, Mrs D Raynham, Mr E Searl, Mrs M Searl, Mrs W Spencer, Miss E Thomas, Mrs F Tuckwell, Mr V Tuckwell.
It was proposed to invite Mrs D Gaines to be President and Mrs E Street to be Patron.
Mr Payne was invited to be the Acting Chairman and Mrs Searl Acting Secretary/Treasurer.
Later that year the first Progress magazine was printed, the first editor was Cynthia Howard who worked very hard and produced it entirely by herself, typing, copying and collating. She set the standard which the GBBA have tried to maintain.
Sadly in 1983 the founding President Mrs Deborah Gaines died suddenly, she had been largely responsible for the formation of the GBBA and I think she will be pleased to know that the Association has gone from strength to strength over the years and now celebrates 25 years in existence.
Here are the recorded Officers of the GBBA from1982 onwards:
Mrs Deborah Gaines 1982 – 1983
Mrs Marjorie Clarke 1984 – 1991
Mrs Pamela Payne 1991 – 1997
Mrs Doone Raynham1998 – 1998
Mrs Pat Crick 1999 – 2001
Mrs Marjorie Day 2002 – 2005
Mrs Elizabeth Lunn 2005 –2007
Mrs Cynthia Howard 2007-
Mrs Denise Barney 2021 –

Mr Michael Payne MRCVS 1982 – 1986
Mr Paul Stannard 1986 –1998
Mrs Lucille Dangerfield 1998 – 1999
Mr Stephen Bardwell 1999 – 2021
Mr Lionel Prouve 2021 –

Mrs Eileen Street 1982 -1989
Mrs Marjorie Clarke 1991 –1997

Mrs Pamela Payne 1997 –1999
Mrs Pamela Cross Stern 2001 -12
Mr Stephen Bardwell 2021 –

Mrs Peggy Searl 1982 –1988
Mr Peter Watkins 1988 –1999
Mrs Denise Barney 1999 –2005
Mrs Carol Ritchie 2005 – 2015
Miss Julia Spittle 2015

Mrs M Searl 1982 – 1984
Mr Eddie Page 1984 – 1986
Mrs Pat Lee 1986 – 2018
Mrs Carol Ritchie 2018 – 2021
Mr Robin Barrat 2022 –

Finally a quote, printed in the first issue of Progress, from Ann Fenn breeder of the world famous Starbeck Griffons:
“Those of who love and admire the Griffon and especially those who breed, must dedicate our involvement in truly advancing the best interests of the breed. The Griffon Bruxellois Breeders Association was born with this in mind.”

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